Johnny’s Updates – August 15th

 WANNA BEEEE!!! / Shake It Up  [Kis-My-Ft2] <single>
 Sexy Zone アリーナコンサート2012 [Sexy Zone] <DVD/BD>
 早海さんと呼ばれる日 [Inohara Yoshihiko & Nakamaru Yuichi] <DVD-BOX>
 Oricon Weekly Chart — #1 Album: GIFT of SMAP [SMAP]
 Oricon Weekly Chart — #3 Single: kEEP oN. [V6]
 Billboard Japan Top Album — #1: GIFT of SMAP [SMAP]
 Billboard Japan Hot 100 — #4: kEEP oN. [V6]

New logo updated

 8/20「SMAPxSMAP Special」(FujiTV/22:00 – 23:09)

 8/20「Test no Hanamichi Special」(NHK E Tere/18:55 – 19:55) Joshima

 8/18「PHP Honto no Jidai Life+」Okada

Official members of the FC have received an e-mail today announcing the release of an exclusive compilation album to commemorate AraFes, this album is entitled「ウラ嵐マニア」(Ura Ara Mania), which will consist of 49 B-tracks (meaning tracks released only under J Storm) and 13 other songs, to make a total of 62. Packaging won’t include pictures of members. Preorder goes from 8/16~8/23 (24:00), only available in J Storm website and you will need a valid Japanese address to do so. Price is 6000 yen, including shipping, and you’re only allowed to order one copy per person.

Newborn NEWS, say there’s not hate to former members. 30,000 fans waiting for four people, they all were able to convery their support feelings in a very teary eye concert for the first time after almost 3 and a half years. The day of their first open-air concert became a memorable one.

Masuda kept thinking he shouldn’t cry while singing, but at the end, he couldn’t hold it during the MC. Kato said while crying “I thought I was no good, anymore”, Tegoshi stated he is not willing to ever lose against Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo. Masuda took charge of the singing parts of both former members, he was nervous about it but felt relieved when fans accept his peformance with a smile, he said in tears. Leader Koyama‘s determination was to keep NEWS alive no matter what. All four members kept crying, happy tears ratter than bitter ones. He stated “I can’t hate YamaPi and Ryo, because the NEWS we’ve build so far was build with them, we got so far with them”

Also, Masuda said he is to keep his promise regarding Yoshida Saori, this time will come, he said.

[Oricon] [Nikkan Sports] [Yomiuri] [Sanspo] [Sponichi] [Daily Sports] [Chunichi]

 8/16「RADIO GROOVE」(Fukushima FM/16:00 – 19:00) Kato Tegoshi

 8/20「TORE! 24hr TV Support SP」(NTV/19:00 – 20:54) Murakami +1 member
 8/21「Ariehen∞Sekai Special」(TV Tokyo/19:00 – 20:54) Murakami Maruyama Yasuda

 8/20「Test no Hanamichi Special」(NHK E Tere/18:55 – 19:55) Akiba Ryusei, Kobayashi Mizuki

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