[RUMOR] Kimura Takuya as a Poor Man in PRICELESS Drama is Unreasonable

SMAP‘s Takuya Kimura will be starring in an all-new drama this fall, titled: “PRICELESS“. The story revolves around a normal salaryman who suddenly finds himself fired from his job, losing everything he has, and starts living in streets. Kimura, who has played countless of roles,such as: Public Prosecutor, Prime Minister, and race car driver, will find himself playing the role of an impoverish man.

The drama is yet to start, but it has attracted negative reactions from fans. Even if it just a drama, fans think that it’s unreasonable for someone of Kimura’s caliber and superstar status to play a poor man‘s role. Fans are also worried if televiewers will be able to empathize with Kimura’s character since it’s a well known fact that Kimura is a millionaire and lives a comfortable life.

“He still commands millions of Yen for CMs. During his days-off, he goes out with his family for some surfing, or he can be seen playing golf with Goro Inigaki,” a person who knows Kimura stated.

Furthermore, some are wary with Karina playing the heroine. In fact, rumor has it that even Kimura showed disapproval when Karina got chosen. Although the reason is unknown, some speculates that it has something to do with Karina’s small face and height. Moreover, Kimura was vying for Ayase Haruka to play the heroine, but since Ayase has a full-packed schedule, the role went to Karina.

Lastly, whether the viewers will love the poor man KimuTaku, it’s yet remained to be seen.

Source: Johnnys-Watcher

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